And so it begins…

When we first made the decision to move from the city (Brooklyn, NY) to the suburbs (Southport, CT), I was the lone member of the family who wasn’t euphoric.  It was clear that the the burbs was the right decision for our family, but I kept feeling like it was akin to our minivan… not something I was thrilled about, but a necessity for a family of 5 and a large dog.  I figured it was maybe just one of those things we do for our kids!  On paper, it was an easy choice… more space, education was less expensive, we already had the house and the kids love it, we have great friends in the country.  But emotionally, it was a different story.  I love the ecclectic eccentricity of the city.  I love the grit.  I love that I can go for a walk and in 45 minutes stop into 14 stores.  I love the subway.  I love New York and I love being a New Yorker.

Seen at out local coffee shop in the city.

So when I loaded the kids and the dog and our two fish (more on them later…. “won” for the kids at a carnival by Mark) into the sweet sweet minivan for the drive out from the city for the last time, I was pretty sad.  For the past year and a half, we’ve been renting our apartment in Brooklyn and coming out to our CT place on weekends and during the summer, but this was for good.

I like having a lot of balls in the air and feel pretty comfortable juggling lots of things, so the idea for this blog had been percolating for a while.  Decorating on a dime (hello, Craigslist obsession!), fun craft projects with the kids, maneuvering through the different pace of the suburbs, and coming to grips with this new stay-at-home mom/ housewife title I’ve inherited are all areas that I want to cover and write about.

Keeping my sanity is certainly a top priority, but also bringing aspects of the city out with us to Connecticut is a big goal for me.  We’ll see how it goes!  Ci (“city”) burb (“suburban”) anity (“sanity”).

Brooklyn Heights promenade.

Hang onto your hats, kids!




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