Bring on the Furniture!

Tomorrow afternoon, a large yellow and black truck emblazoned with the OZ logo will pull up outside our house in the burbs.  Oliver will look out the window and gasp.  C’mon, it’s a truck, people!  And then the semblance of calm and organization that I have going on here will be gonzo.  Like any good control freak, I’ve been planning for this day since we decided to abandon the city.  I have a couple of different spreadsheets going in addition to a room by room word document.

The gist of these documents is to make sense of what we have here in the burbs, what we have there in the urbs, and how the two worlds will neatly fit into one space.  First step was roaming both houses with one of those awesome blue Ikea bags weeding through junk that we don’t really need.  In general, if I haven’t used something for a year and haven’t even THOUGHT about it for a year, then I won’t miss it.  Nothing like moving to make a gal get rid of the junk cluttering up her space.  The second step was my love, Craigslist.  I tried to post as many things as I could with particular focus on furniture that didn’t have any place once our two places were combined.

I don’t have any magical secret to furniture layout, and the control freak in me is positive there’s some master course at interior design school that outlines “rules” for layout and floorplans.  But until I have the time to take courses at the local design college, I rely on some common sense notions and a few strategies.  Obviously I try and consider the flow of traffic so every room should allow smooth movement.  I also have a few pet peeves like chairs/ tables without a surface nearby to put down a drink or a book, a television as the center of the universe in a design scheme, blank walls, neutral color palettes, and anything that’s too matchy matchy.

So for the great furniture influx tomorrow, I’ve attempted to get a grip on where things will go.  For some rooms, I literally created a scale model with graph paper and started sliding around the furniture to see which things could fit where.  The problem with this is that it might look like there’s room on paper, but the real life space might feel tight or like there’s no way to maneuver around furniture.  I also have found a simple website here that I will often use to see if I’m even close with my layout ideas.  Ultimately, though, having my mom on hand to lend her design eye and just schlubbing the furniture around to see where it looks best is what I end up doing!

As for organization, I’ve attempted to prepare for the stuff that will be coming into this house and have cleared out closets and drawers as best I can.  I hit up Bed Bath and Beyond and The Container Store for ideas on space saving.  Everything from acrylic drawer inserts like these to pantry baskets, I’ve tried to make it easy for this little house to take on all the stuff from the city.  Maybe once the house is suburbanized, I’ll start to adjust more and more?!

Here are a few “before” pics from rooms that I KNOW will have to change a bit to fit more furniture, but we’ll see how it goes down in suburban town tomorrow!

The living room. Ikea coffee table will leave, 2 chairs against the windows will move, and some tables will rearrange.

3rd Floor guest room will become a room for Miss Martha. Crib, changing table, armchair…

Family Room. Big changes here. We’re hoping to fit the big 3 seater couch we have in the city, but it will be tight. We’ll have to wing it a bit in here.

Who knows how well  I prepared!  Let the drum roll commence.




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