Time Management…burb style

One suburban week under our belts.

The GREAT thing about the burbs is the yard, the house, the garage, the driveway, etc.  The not so great thing is that my To Do list is getting bigger and bigger and I can’t, for the life of me, find the time to get any of these fun projects done!  For the most part, the kids are on the same nap/ quiet time schedule, but at the ripe ol’ age of 4 months, Miss Martha doesn’t always play along, so there are many afternoons when she prefers to nap on either side of the other kids leaving me with a kiddo filled afternoon.  Luckily, she’s so stinkin’ cute, that I don’t mind most of the time!

In a wild display of optimism, I’m going to give a glimpse of just some of the projects I’m eager to get moving on:

1. Create an office/ craft space out of a weird closet off of the den.  The older women from whom we bought this house, had made some questionable design decisions. One of these was to run some duct work through this space and turn it into a closet; the only thing is that there’s an exterior window in this closet and the powder room across the hall is tiny, dark, and opens up directly into the dining room.  Luckily we ain’t the formal dining room types so far, but regardless… odd decision.  I suppose the good news is that I can use the closet as an office space with a window which will be nice.  Plans for this space include attempting to stencil the walls, using bolder colors than I’d normally use on a more central living space, a DIY pendant, DIY desk, and covering the nasty adhesive flooring with less nasty adhesive flooring.  Oh, and reusing a set of curtains I made out of my favorite duvet cover for Eleanor’s city room !

• Painting the back of our den built ins a dark sophisticated color.  I’ve never had built ins (yay!) so I want to play around with them.  See BEFORE below (ignore the rust colored chair… a craigslist purchase awaiting upholstering.)

• Painting an old telephone table to possibly use as bathroom storage for our master bathroom.

•Painting an old woven basket that I’m currently using to store the kids’ various balls… it cost me $5 at a yard sale, so I’m feeling bolder about experimenting with patterns- stripes?  chevron?

•Mark gave me a pair of Adirondack chairs last year for Mother’s Day and they’re okay, but not great.  They just seem sort of bland and dull in our yard so I’m hoping to punch them up with a coat of paint and a pattern (again, thinking chevron).  Problem is, they’re WAY fussier than I was thinking with all the moving parts, hinges, slats, etc.  Here’s a glimpse of what they look like BEFORE with the madman sitting on one:

•Our basement makes me anxious.  Not in a scary spiders, mice, intruder sort of way, but in a disorganized, dusty, wasted space sort of way.  One HUGE area to tackle is the tool bench.  I’ve put it on Mark’s To Do list, but somehow it never seems to be his top priority, so I’m convinced he’s holding out until me and my label maker lose our patience and do it ourselves!  Aside from the tool bench, a fresh coat of bright paint on the floor and a good cleaning would do wonders.  We’re so close to the water, that we could never really store things down there, but we can certainly make the space look a liiiiitle more inviting, even if only for when I’m doing the laundry that somehow the suburbs seem to produce MUCH more of!

•I’m a dork by nature, so getting a handle on the many crafts/ projects/ activities that I want to attempt with the kids this summer is also on my to do list.  After so many years in the classroom, being organized and planned going into each day is really a recipe for a fun day versus a cranky day!  I’m thinking that tomorrow might be a water blob day… I’ve never attempted but it looks super fun: duct tape and plastic sheeting, here we come.  Here are the kids (Eleanor chooses her own outfits as you can see by the extra extra large shorts she’s opted for below) enjoying some chalk painting a few weekends ago:

•Oliver loves himself a truck or a bus or a motorized vehicle of any variety.  Rather than spend a fortune on etsy, I’ve started taking pictures of trucks, etc. and I’m hoping to add a little intrigue to his corner of the kids’ room but framing the pics and hanging above his crib.  See BEFORE-ish picture below:

•This winter, I hung some black and white photos going up our staircase, but I’m not loving the layout.  I was impatient to get them on the wall so I didn’t really take the time I should have planning the pattern.  We’re also getting a ton more black and whites from the Brooklyn apartment, so I want to revisit this and make it a bit more haphazard.  See BEFORE picture below, although we’ve since ditched the dated staircase wall for more traditional spindles so the AFTER picture will be even cooler.

•I am also hoping to find a way to continue with my counseling work so as the summer goes by, that will be something else I’ll need to explore.  Does ANYone ever like looking for a job.  Ugh.  The worst…

•Oh, and as the Brooklyn to CT migration takes place this weekend, there will be a mounting pile of Craigslist stuff.  How did I not know about this place just a couple of years ago?!  I’m not sure that I could live without it.  I’ll talk you through my process when I start posting!

•Finally, Mark and I love to entertain and always had apartments in NYC that allowed for this.  Unfortunately our little Brooklyn digs just didn’t work with more than 4 other people. (See below.)  So I’d love to get my party hat on and get some dinners at our place on the calendar.  Mark’s birthday is at the end of July, but I suspect we can squeeze in a little suburban welcome wagon themed shindig before then…

It’s late, and I already lost an entire post earlier tonight since I don’t really understand all the nuances of these blog sites!  Learning as I go, just like many things in life these days!  But I am confident there are more things for my To Do list that I might add another time, but hopefully having these items in writing will keep me honest.  Fingers crossed I’ll find the time to tackle some of them soon!




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