Moving sucks.  I’m not the first person to utter these words, and I won’t be the last, but It. Sucks.  That said, I think my blood pressure has finally come back down a  few points after having boxes and clutter (gasp!) in every corner of every room.  I went into this move very optimistic that I’d prepared both houses by culling through and moving aside and mapping out where things would go.  Again, spreadsheets were involved.  And I’m the first to admit I was wrong.  Very wrong.  Here’s 1/2 of what arrived around 4:00 last Saturday afternoon.

Yes, Oliver is coo-coo for all things with a motor.

At first I was chipper.  Giddy with my organization as each piece of furniture would get pulled to the edge of the truck and the happy moving man (not actually happy… it was hot as hell) would ask, “where do you want this, ma’am?”  I had a response ready immediately.  Furniture was finding it’s happy home left and right.  And then, like the scene in I Love Lucy when the chocolate starts to back up on the conveyer belt, all of a sudden there wasn’t such an obvious place for things.

My heart started beating, and my smile grew a little forced.  I tried not to show my panic, but I had no idea where the next 30 odd boxes belonged.  They landed anywhere and everywhere.  What used to be a well oiled moving machine, ground to a halt and became this:

At one point, we directed them just to put things “over there.”

Thank the heavens that my parents were around as they helped corral the kids (I think Yo Gabba Gabba was playing in the background for most of the afternoon and I hope to one day be able to personally thank DJ Lance Rock for his assistance) and unpack boxes.  My mother may have done 12 loads of laundry but I lost track when we ran out of places to put the clean stuff.  The kids were pretty ‘opinionated’ and ‘assertive’ (that’s teacher-ese for a pain in the you-know-what), and we have a mountain of broken down boxes outside our front door waiting for recycling on Monday, but… I think we made it.

The kids enjoyed watching the action for 10 minutes or so, but watching men lift 2x their body weight isn’t exactly Disney on Ice.

At one point, my dad put the children in the stroller for a walk around the neighborhood just to get them out from underfoot.

A last minute Craigslist gander landed me with the exact hutch I had wanted from Ikea, but for oh…. $500 less.  And it might be solely responsible for my new improved blood pressure as it meant that all of those “Kitchen Fragile” boxes now have a happy home.  (When you’re registering for wedding gifts as innocent engagees with a twinkle in your eyes, people don’t tell you that one day you’ll be desperately searching for shelf space to house your formal china, soup set, high balls, low balls, snifters, etc.

We put all our pretty glassware up above (and out of a certain toddler’s reach), cookbooks (already purged down to only the ones I’ve used in the last 12 months) on the bottom shelf, and platters/ big bowls in the glass cabinet below.

We’re not out of the woods yet as all our paintings need to be hung, and my home office/ closet space is still on my DIY list so none of my crafts/ files have a place to go quite yet.

Our stack of paintings to be unpacked and hung. Ugh.

And did I mention the 8 ginormous boxes set to be a tag sale in a few weeks?  (Perk of the burbs, holla!)

Tag Sale boxes. Come and get it, people.

I listed a record 15 items on Craigslist. On a related note, I can officially spot a CL scam a mile away at this point… no I will not give your ‘assistant’ my name, address, and information for a money order because your are away on business.  And a shrink would have a field day with me as I’m always anxious that someone won’t ‘like’ my stuff when they come to pick it up!

Our garage. Just a week ago, there was a nice organized corner of yard tools and our jeep.

But everything seems to be in a place, more or less.  Those places will certainly get more organized as the dust continues to settle, but I can FINALLY see the forest through the trees.  (Vast improvement from my mood around noon on Day 2 when I was seriously considering a relocation somewhere where I could pack flip flops, a toothbrush, and a cup.)

We even got to enjoy some 4th of July festivities!

On our way to the neighborhood ‘parade.’

Now I can get back to my real To Do list!




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