Sunday Scaries

My husband and many members of his family refer to that feeling of dread that creeps in on Sunday night as Mr. Scary.  As a newly crowned housewife, I’ve been introduced to a whole new Mrs. Scary, suburban style.  And she’s vicious; especially when the weekends have been packed with activities and projects like this one has.  No, none of the activities or projects were particularly exciting or mind blowing, but we’re down to a dozen or so boxes in the Smith house so that’s something to brag about.

Mrs. Scary is a reminder of all the things that I would LOVE to get done, that I know will need to be either packed into the 2 hours of afternoon nap time or done with one eye on Oliver as he stands 8-14 inches away from the television and DJ Lance Rock.  That’s providing the baby is asleep during either of these windows.  I should also mention that there are just as many things that NEED to get done in this same abbreviated time frame (think laundry, food, a modicum of personal hygiene, etc.).

Here’s something I’m eager to tackle: my office [closet].  It would allow a few of the remaining boxes to find a home, and for me to get a little bit of my craft on.  I think I mentioned earlier that the crazy old lady (COL) who sold us this house, made a closest out of some random space with a window off of the den.  One day, we hope to make this the powder room, but until that day arrives, I’ve slapped on a coat of paint and plan to bring in a desk and some other decor items.

Here’s the closet before the coat of paint:

Soon-to-be office to the stars.

I’ll probably write an entire post about the transformation, but for now, this is just one example of something I could DEFinitely get to, if I had more than 3 spotty hours of free time in a given day.

Mrs. Scary is a repetitive one-step-ahead-of-you type of a gal.  She’s a reminder that the days are long, but the weeks short.  When the first chatter echoes through the dreaded baby monitor tomorrow morning, I’m the only adult around to get up and deal.

But I have someone coming to buy  a storage cubby I’ve listed on Craigslist, so that’s something…  I also may have met a friend through Craigslist when she came to buy an old changing table (I think part of the reason I love CL is the random little interactions I have with people, many of whom are one card short of a deck, but I love a little crazy).  I’m beginning to think that all roads end at Craigslist in my life…

Just a few of our weekend highlights:

• A sleepover for Eleanor to her grandmother’s.  She’s asked to return numerous times as clearly we are like living at whatever would be the opposite of Disney Land.

Eleanor’s found her opinion lately… must be why people write so many books about the Terrible Threes.

Oliver enjoyed his break from the sister and spent much of his morning sitting in the plastic pool in our backyard.

Someone taught him to say “cheese” when he sees a camera and now the poor boy is like a Pavlovian dog!

And Miss Martha is now eating real food.  If watered down cereal counts as “food”.  Has it stopped her 4 month waking in the middle of the night for a Big Mac phase? Not yet.  But we’re optimistic that we can get ahead of the girl’s appetite one of these days.

Much of the first meal ended up caked between the folds of fat in her neck. Cute, right?

To all you fellow suburban moms looking down the gauntlet of another week with the kidlets, I wish you godspeed.  There are many advantages and wonderful aspects of life away from the city, but on nights like this (i.e. Sunday), I miss these aspects of city living:

Waterparks in city playgrounds.

The view of the Statue of Liberty at sunset.

These dudes at Coney Island. Just because I can.

Happy Monday-Eve to everyone.  May your week be merry and your weekend fast approaching.




One thought on “Sunday Scaries

  1. Happy Monday to you, dear Charlotte. Love this post. It’s daunting to be the only adult around, isn’t it? And 3 is so much harder than 2 for us here, too. We have renamed Gio “Moose” as in Mussolini. Adorable shots of the 3 of them. Keep it up! Clara

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