Water Blobbing

Most people by now have at least heard of Pinterest if they’re not mildly obsessed.  I fall somewhere in the middle as I go through waves of interest in the site and collect lots of great ideas.  (I actually used Pinterest a lot when working on my gardens as it was a great way for me to collect images online for our landscape designer so she could see what I was thinking.)

I have a dozen or so “boards” on Pinterest with subjects like arts/ crafts, sewing, home decor ideas, things to make for the house, school projects for my counseling, etc.  One of my boards is simply “Kids” and when we moved to the burbs, I started focusing more and more on this board in particular.  Partly because I knew I’d have the time without a job lined up for the fall (boo), and partly because I knew I’d have the space out here (yay).  I went through and created a list of the outdoor/ summer activities that were 1) simple for me to make, 2) fun for both a 3 year-old and a raucous toddler.  Which led me to the water blob.  I suspect many of you have seen links to this activity as it seems to be popular on Pinterest these days!

Well, here’s how it went for us.  I ordered the plastic sheeting on Amazon because I have free shipping and I’m lazy that way.  Ditto food coloring and duct tape.  Then I folded the sheeting in half and started taping the sides together.

A 2nd person would probably make this easier, but there’s no magic to it.

I taped the crease then went over each edge with another strip so each side has 3 strips of tape in all.

I left about 4 inches untaped at one corner to stick the hose in once we got it outside. Once outside, I laid it out flat, squirted my blue food coloring in and let the hose run.  (I didn’t bother because I wasn’t sure I wanted it all over the lawn when we were finished, but lots of other bloggers mention adding things like glitter to your blob.)

Slowly filling up with water.

One thing I would do differently next time, is really look for a flat place to set it all up.  I chose a flat-ish location close to the hose/ plastic pool, but you can see that the water didn’t really ‘blob’ as much as it collected in the bottom.  The duct tape held pretty well overall.  There were some spots where it was dripping out, but a drip on something like this didn’t seem to amount to much!

The kids weren’t as excited about it as I was, but my parents had just arrived and I think they were pretty eager just to hang out with them, so I’ll try it again sometime when there’s no competition! I actually saved this one and will just refill it rather than going through all the assembly again.

Both kids checking out their blob as it fills up or at least Oliver enjoying it while Eleanor thinks about it.

Overall, I think this project is very cool and very easy.  We did this the morning before the movers came so everyone was a little distracted.  Next time I’ll get out there and show the kids how cool it is to lie down on it, etc. etc.  Don’t worry, no bathing suit shots of yours truly will be posted so you can put down your black “Glamour Don’t” bars.

Have at it, moms and dads!!




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