Yeah, but…

Living with Eleanor these days is like living with a ninja- navy seal-prosecuting attorney.  The girl has learned to negotiate.  There is a loop hole for everything and an explanation for each act of non-compliance.

We call it the ‘yeah buts’.  A genius way of pretty much avoiding any and all parental requests.

“Eleanor, will you please keep your juice outside on the patio?”  “Yeah, but… I was just coming in to tell you something.”

“Eleanor, will you be careful when you’re wading in the water?” “Yeah, but… I was just looking for shells.”

“Eleanor, run upstairs and grab your shoes so we can go to camp.” “Yeah, but… I was just wanting to put my wings on.”

“Eleanor you need to keep your hands off of your sister’s face.” “Yeah, but… I was just trying to make her laugh.”

“Eleanor, will you not splash because then your brother copies you and gets all wet.”  “Yeah, but… I was just FEELING the water.”

We now tell her to do something with no yeah-buts, and her response is, “Yeah, I know that, but…”




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