If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

Oliver’s appetite for chalk is abundant.

For a couple more weeks, Eleanor is at camp in the mornings so Oliver and I have some time to ourselves while Martha is napping.  Admittedly I take advantage of the kidlet lull to take care of some chores around the house, projects, and other sundry jobs while Oliver points at things for me to name.

But I  attempt to have an activity for my non-verbal middle child at least once a morning; his attention span is somewhere shy of 6 minutes, so he can cover a lot of territory.

Trucks get a lot of screen time in our house.

Of course there’s the baby pool.

And just exploring whatever is lying around.

Given Oliver’s palate, I decided to set up some chalk painting.  It’s all over Pinterest and probably the easiest way to feel like a wildly crafty and accomplished parent without really extending yourself too much! Oh, and kids love it so that’s something too.

I’ve used individual containers in the past, but I like the muffin tin as it’s much harder for an impulsive toddler to tip over.  Simply mix 1 part cornstarch to 2 parts water and add food coloring to make whatever colors you like.  (Don’t you just love cornstarch?!)

We had a bunch of those foam brushes on hand so I used those, but anything will work!

Take a moment to fawn over that fat adorable little foot/ hand combo!

Oliver had a blast for 5 minutes and then he got distracted by a squirrel or a doorstop or something.  He seemed to be into all the colors and REALLY liked watching me draw a truck, a car and an airplane.

The best part?  He only ate like two bites!  I could totally have done this project in the city, but obviously the suburbs are greasing my crafty wheels.

Again with the “cheese.” The boy can’t be stopped.




One thought on “If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

  1. Love it. Wish there was cornstarch around here. One of those things I miss more than I thought I would. And Gio was thrilled with the baby pool photo: “Hey, Mamma, that boy is wearing my shirt!”. Don’t you love Boden?

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