Girls Gone Pink

Eleanor and I had our 2nd Mother/ Daughter date this weekend (1st was to Yo Gabba Gabba Live, of course).  The event?  Pinkalicious, the Musical.

For those of you without 3-6 year-old children, Pinkalicious is the story of a precocious little girl who, after eating too many pink cupcakes, wakes up to discover she’s turned pink (whoa!); the only cure is to eat only green foods… chaos moderately ensues.

My niece gave us the book a couple of years ago after going through a pink/ cupcake induced hysteria for a solid 6 months.  Eleanor loved it immediately.  Books in our house go through waves of interest with one carried around all the time for a week, and then inexplicably dismissed for another lucky hardback.

Here she is enjoying her Disney propaganda catalog.

Pinkalicious and her sequels, Purplicious and Silverlicious, are part of our regular rotation.  When I saw an ad for the musical production nearby, I couldn’t resist.  Not to mention, I’m a sucker for a good musical. I figured it was a safe bet that Pinkalicious would be way better than Cats®.

So after an early lunch, off we went into the 90 degree weather for our mother/daughter afternoon at the the-a-tah.  Eleanor chose a pink dress this morning when she was getting dressed with Mark, so I felt peer pressured into wearing pink as well.  Sadly, when we arrived, we were immediately upstaged by this dynamic duo.  Show offs.

First stop?  You guessed it.

Earlier, Eleanor had asked if she could get popcorn because that’s what she got when she saw Sesame Street Live with Mark.  I love how these memory maps are created in a child’s brain.  Alas, no popcorn, but a giant bubblegum flavored pink cupcake? You bet.  (It was disgusting, by the way… but the girl loved it!)

We arrived with plenty of time to spare and were shown down to our seats.  No row letters, but #13 and #14 seats.  Eleanor tried out both seats before deciding on #14 all the while licking her melting pink cupcake.

As the audience began to fill in, we walked down to check out the stage.  The scenery was cute and colorful with plenty of little details from the book…Eleanor liked the ramp.

As soon as Pinkalicious took the stage, this mama’s heart melted with the look of enrapture on her sweaty little girl’s face.

Sidenote: The woman in front of us was using a sock to hold her hair back… this was a first for me.

I knew we’d hit a home run when Eleanor complained about the intermission.  Asking where everyone went with growing panic, I had to talk her off the ledge and offer her more of the licked clean cupcake carnage to distract her for 10″ until Act 2.

Eleanor told me her favorite part was Pinkalicious’s bedroom.  Playing “nap” is her favorite game, so I can’t say I was surprised!  Not that YGG Live wasn’t truly amazing (it was not), but Pinkalicious was the first taste of these one-on-one outings, and it was adorable.  I vividly recall similar dates with my parents; for one in particular, my siblings and I were offered a dinner out with my dad anywhere we wanted if we memorized the 23rd Psalm… I definitely took the bait and memorized that bad boy. I think I chose a dinner cruise- klassy, right? I digress.  Watching Eleanor take in the pinkcredible scenery and melodious-ish sounds of the performance was 90 minutes I wouldn’t trade for the world.

This was an easy one, but as she gets older, I might have to stretch a bit more to appeal to her changing interests. If it means getting 60 pristine minutes with my kids, then program my autodial for Ticketmaster when Justin Bieber’s 2016 Greatest Hits tour goes on sale.



p.s. Next time, I promise to get my act together like this awesome grandma and really give Eleanor something to be proud of.

You can’t see it, but she’s also wearing a fuschia tulle tutu.


3 thoughts on “Girls Gone Pink

  1. Adorable. I did not let Gio look at this entry- the cupcake porn would have been too much for him. First stop on our way from the airport in October when we visit DC? A cupcake store. He is a serious addict. Eleanor gets cuter with every post. And fun to see a rare glimpse of you, too!

  2. Charlotte- Your mother was good enough to share this with me, and I couldn’t resist responding. First, this should be published-and would certainly be the best publicity for STONC- a New Canaan treasure. We had been there just the night before for the “Joseph and THE TECHNICOLOR Dreamcoat” production- our first adult hit, having TAKEN OUR 5 YEAR OLD GRANDSON TO some OF THE KIDDIE PLAYS before . WE TOOK A PICNIC, AND IT WAS GREAT FUN. SO- IF YOU EVER HAVE A CHANCE, YOU AND MARK SHOULD get SOME new suburban FRIENDS TOGETHER AND try it- It ain’t Broadway, but a lot cheaper! I loved these outings with MY little girl- keep doing it! ( Now, at 29, it’s the SPA=)) Charlotte is the way I remember YOU- great genes! AND, btw, the granny in pink is a one of a kind character- I exercise with her, and don’t you wish she were YOUR granny?

    • Oh, I’m so glad! I’m so sorry not to have clued in for the other shows all summer. Next year! And I’m not enough of a techie to be able to black out faces, as I felt very intrusive posting the amazing picture of your friend with her granddaughter in all her regalia, but I was in total awe and admiration of her! My new idol. 🙂 Thanks for reading the blog!

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