I Heart Superabsorbant Polymers

I’m obsessed with superabsorbant polymers!  Aka Orbeez.  Run, do not walk, to Amazon and 1-click yourself a set and thank me later.  (I definitely have no idea how to even contact Orbeez so it’s safe to say, they don’t know about this rave review…no paid endorsements here, folks.  I also don’t know why Orbeez isn’t like the richest company on the planet… they’re that cool.)

Right when we became full-time suburbanistas, I ordered a box of these guys.  I forgot about them until this weekend when the stars aligned, the red sea parted, and Oliver seemed to be walking on the large puddle collecting in our backyard.  They. Are. AWESOME.

Thanks to the Orbeez website (as my 20 years of schooling did not cover this), I learned that a polymer is a bunch of molecules all strung together.  Which is cool as hell.  They start out like colorful grains of couscous but after a few hours… magic.  Or, scientifically speaking, the superabsorbancy of said polymers.

I started out slow and plumped up 2 envelopes of Orbeez: purple and yellow.  There are loads of more deliberate activities you can do- sorting the colors, making designs, flower arranging (!), bouncing them into containers- but we spent 45 minutes or so, just moving them between containers, and putting them on the enclosed tray.  And everybody knows that 45 minutes in a toddler’s world is the equivalent of Gone with the Wind for us.

They’re REALLY bouncy so I was glad we were playing with them outside.  They’re not harmful if swallowed (i.e. Oliver’s M.O.) unless you have a child who gulps down an entire packet of the dry Orbeez… that would probably get ugly.

According to the package, they’ll keep for a while if in an airtight container so I plan to bust them out again after Jack Black’s guest starring role in Gabba Land is over.  (See this post for my stance on TV…)

In conclusion, I almost named this post How Orbeez Changed My Life.   Then I wondered whether it was worth legally changing Oliver’s middle name to Orbeez: Oliver Orbeez Smith is kinda badass.  Instead, I think I’ll go get the Orbeez now so I can have a little time with them alone before the kids join in and ruin all my fun…




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