Mama-se, Mama-sa, Mama-ma-coo-sa

Michael Jackson once said “you’re stuck in the middle, yeah yeah” (then he said mama-se, mama-sa, mama-ma-coo-sa) and last night I was told by some (ahem, my mom) that our middle child needed a little more face time on the ol’ blog.

Until a few weeks ago, I would have posted Oliver’s picture as a poster child for the toddler incredible hulk, but I think we’ve turned a corner over here.  But go ahead and knock on wood just in case…

Now that the summer has settled into a nice rhythm and he’s able to communicate a little bit more, the mood swings have mellowed and he’s back on Santa’s Nice list.

Given that his only words are ‘truck,’ ‘bus,’ ‘dada’, and ‘that is,’ our conversations just aren’t as deep as they could be.  But here’s one thing I know. Our boy can DANCE.  From the day he started walking, Oliver will shake what his mama gave him the minute the music turns on.

The kid’s got moves like Jagger and isn’t afraid to bust ’em out any time. Any where.  So until he completes his first sentence, I invite you to enjoy our son pop it, lock it and drop it.  (And yes, his favorite song is “Hot, Hot, Hot.”)

He still grabs the occasional hunk of Eleanor’s hair and can scream like a feral alley cat, but he will giggle down to his toes and shriek with glee every time he sees a truck or a train or a bus or a bike or a car.  So lots of shrieking.  And lots of glee.

May we all be so lucky as to have such happy feet and such a happy heart as our little man.




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