Photo, Photo on the Wall

Dontcha just love a good photo wall?  (If I had a nickel for every time I heard that…)

Photo wall final

We’ve had small little photo walls in the past, but now that we’re full time burb-people it’s time to make one giant mega photo wall.  Here’s what our two pathetic photo walls looked like before:

I grab simple black frames whenever I see them so we have an eclectic collection (Homegoods, Michaels, Bed Bath and Beyond).  Also, most craft stores carry plain mats, so I try to have some of these on hand to add a little variety.  Not to be too geeky about the details, but lots of these frames have stands and are meant to go on table tops; they all have ways to hang them on the wall too so I just snap off the stands and carry forth.

I love the simplicity of black and white photos in simple black frames.  I’ve seen other photo walls that are just as amazing with all white frames, colorful frames, a mixture of black and white/ color photographs (e.g. see below), but the wall where this is going is unpainted, so I didn’t think the white frames were the right choice.

I started by taking inventory of what size frames I was dealing with.  I had a lot.  I thought about just starting at one end of the stairs and moving in a haphazard way, but that’s not really the way I roll.  I’m impatient and can be impulsive, but I don’t love the idea of leaving things up to chance.  (Had I asked, my husband could definitely have whipped up an excel spreadsheet for the deal.)  So I grabbed a stack of newspapers and started cutting rectangles the size of each of my frames.  The nice thing about newspapers, is that I could cut out 10 or so sheets at once.

Our photo wall is going along the stairs so I was dealing with a diagonal space.  I picked an arbitrary point (about 6′ above each stair so that the picture itself would hang at about eye level) and snapped a chalk line to act as my guide.

Now came the fun part (if you’re into that sort of thing).  Using the newspaper templates, I figured I should start with the biggest ones I had so that I could fill in with the smaller ones as the space filled up.  I placed the big frames evenly along my chalk line.  I grabbed the next smallest ‘frames’ and arranged them around the bigger ones.  Not necessarily symmetrical, but in a pattern of sorts.

So on and so forth until all the templates were on the wall.

I actually think the newspaper alone looks really cool… maybe one day, I’ll do something like this in another space?!

I used this tip from Pinterest and it worked like a charm!  Toothpaste on the hook to mark the place on the wall for the nail.

In progress.

I’m ready for all the dusting and straightening as a result of the new photo wall!

I love having so many gorgeous pics in one place…. gives me an excuse to keep snapping away.  It makes the space seem much more interesting, and since we’re too lazy to paint this tricky area, nice to have something filling the void!  The folks at the Louvre might even be jealous (I wonder what brand of toothpaste they use to hang their stuff?).




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