If Green and White Stripes Are Wrong Then Adirondack Be Right

For Mother’s Day last year, Mark gave me a pair of Adirondack chairs (very suburban!) for our newly seeded backyard lawn.  Although we don’t necessarily kick back and relax in them as I’m sure he’d envisioned, we do sit in them to watch the kids chase each other around the patio.

They’re fine, but they didn’t seem to fit our patio ‘decor.’  Even Frank was tired of them.

To call our patio decorated is a wild stretch of the imagination; so to say the unpainted Adirondack chairs didn’t quite fit is also nuts.  But they didn’t quite fit… the rest of the patio furniture is black metal with the exception of two large rattan armchairs.  The unpainted Adirondack chairs just seemed to introduce a different theme making the entire picture more higglety pigglety than it already was.

Kristina from Southport Design Works took this picture… so much prettier than it looks every other second of the day.

So I up and painted them.  I figured white was a good place to start.  Clean.  Fresh.  Lightens the patio palette.  (Patiolette? Palettio?)  They look better already with just the coat of primer!

But plain white seemed too, well, plain.  The cushions on the other furniture are made from an all weather green ikat so I looked to them for an accent color.  I went with Benjamin Moore’s Candy Green after holding up my swatch book to the cushions.  I wanted something that was the same hue but lighter and this was perfect.

Originally my plan was to slap down a chevron pattern on the backs of the Adirondack chairs.  But then I did a little research into how to make a chevron pattern and it’s a pain in the neck.  Even more so when you factor in the competing slats of the chair itself and how to make all those edges crisp and clean.  No thank you.  Plan B… Stripes.

Given the construction of the chair, this turned out to be one of those no brainer moments… slatted chair + stripes= easy peasy.  After priming both chairs, I painted them with a slight off-white color.  Basically, I saw an off-white spray paint and had the guy at the hardware store mix a quart to match.

The stripes were much easier than I expected and with a steady hand (and a wet rag at the ready just in case…) I finished them all in no time.

I wasn’t too fussed by the areas that weren’t wildly obvious so I didn’t go crazy trying to get at every last inch of the chairs.  I also was thinking that a nice weathered patina could be lovely.  My rationalization for lazy painting.  (This was also my reasoning for not painting a second coat.)

Sayonara drab and dull brown, and hello you bright and pretty stripes.  I’ll figure out something to chevron the heck out of one day, but these chairs are great with the just the stripes.  With a little bit of elbow grease and basic painting, it’s like mother’s day all over again at chez Smith.




2 thoughts on “If Green and White Stripes Are Wrong Then Adirondack Be Right

  1. Ok- so I have ONE kid, you have three.. I barely find the time to read your blogs ( which I love love love.. Makes me feel close to you .. ( side note— And BTW still have the magnet from you in my kitchen – friends are like stars- may not always see them but know they are always there..)
    ok back to my thoughts….
    I really want to know how you have time to do all these wonderful crafts and then WRITE about it ( very well too ! ) please pass this on so I can try to live vicariously through you!!!
    Love you

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