Walk Like a Suburban

The suburbs may have won this battle, but they haven’t won the war… I’ll give it to you, Fairfield Audubon Center, you’re pretty great.  Martha woke up a little early from her morning nap so we headed off for a midday adventure in the woods.

We paid our way (honor system out here in the country…) and headed for a picnic spot.

I guess the “do” stickers came off… just noticed this. Happy to contribute to the “nation” too (does that make me a Democrat or a Republican?).

When I start writing, I don’t always have the pictures that I want… Oliver managed to mire himself in a muddy puddle about two minutes into our little adventure, and I’m sorry not to have a little visual of that achievement. After shoes were removed, wiped down, and left out to dry a bit during our picnic lunch we were off to the trails.  First stop, frog spotting. (Don’t mind the residual Oreo on Oliver’s face in all these pictures.  And Eleanor dressed herself.)

The concern here is that she couldn’t see the frogs’ legs since only their heads were sticking out above the water.

The Audubon Center has beautiful trails throughout their property with winding boardwalks and bridges and little rocks to climb.  Oliver and Eleanor are at the ‘monkey see, monkey do’ stage, so I got to watch the two of them walk down the trails and hop off the same rocks, over the same roots, around the same stumps.

Eleanor noticed every single little cave or nook but opted to stay out of all of them because of the spiderwebs.  Smart girl.

Oliver pointed and declared, “oh, whoa,” for most things on our walk.

That’s a turtle in the middle. “Oh, whoa.”

Even Martha seemed pretty darn content as we meandered through the mottled light of the green trees.  We listened to cicadas, startled a deer, touched a slug, and followed a family of wild turkeys.

Granted there are other sensory experiences the kids had back in the city: the sound of sirens, startling someone peeing between parked cars, touching a bodega cat, and following a pigeon.  Oh, and there’s this:

This was taken in April I believe… never too early to get a little sun.

Regardless of which sights and sounds float your boat, I was reminded how special a simple walk in the woods can be.  I love the “woods” of Central Park for sure, but strolling beside creeks, next to little ponds, and over rocks without a siren or a building or a rogue dog poop on the path was even better.




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