Shiny Happy (Suburban Coffee Table) People

Here’s something that I couldn’t have pulled of in the city.  At least not this easily and cheerfully.

A few days ago, I was looking at our new (Craigslist) square coffee table and thinking it could do with an upgrade.  Before we moved to the burbs and brought all our city stuff, our family room looked like this:

When we left the city, we brought with us a couple of couches and a couple of coffee tables.  The couches fit into the space okay, but none of the coffee tables were quite right.  We had one table that I liked in the room because it didn’t feel as big, but Mark thought it was too small. (I googled what the proper distance ‘should’ be between a coffee table and the couch and it came up 18″… so he was ‘technically’ right.) I turned to Craig for some help and found this one that was 40″ square which fit the space perfectly.

Sad brown coffee table before.

I thought that wrapping some sort of silvery something around the top, might make the table seem a little less massive and pick up the mirrored sconces we have above the wood burning stove.  Turns out sheet metal is really freaking thick so not something that I could just manage on my own.  I called around and one place said $450 so I was thinking this project would be dead on arrival.  But I made one hail mary call to a local kitchen place to ask who they used for their stainless steel countertops.  She didn’t know but thought there was a place nearby in Westport.  That place is at the end of the rainbow with a bowl of freshly poured Lucky Charms, and this is where  Joe at Central Sheet Metal comes into the equation.  Joe had me at hello.

The table waiting happily for its makeover.

Joe called me right back and said he could do what I was describing “no problem” (not out of stainless… that would “cost a fortune”) and could I bring the table by on Tuesday morning.  He could do it while I wait for… $60.  Uh, hell to the yeah!

I didn’t even have time to finish a conversation with my mother and the topper was already made.  He gave me a ‘hemmed’ edge so the bottom wasn’t sharp, and after a quick go around with our hammer, the corners are pretty kid friendly too.  I’m not going to glue it down since it fits fairly tightly and this way I can preserve the actual table.

Aside from the people and dog in my life, this is the prettiest thing I’ve seen in a long time!  I may still be wearing my rose colored glasses, but I think it looks amazing.  And it’s a little more interesting than the plain old brown surface before.

Joe seemed a little embarrassed when I offered him our first born child and invited him to our house for Thanksgiving, but he’s got to understand that I really really like my new table.

(Mark, for his part, has learned to smile and nod and say,  ‘it looks great, Char’ to most of my projects, but he honest to God said he likes this!)




3 thoughts on “Shiny Happy (Suburban Coffee Table) People

  1. It DOES look great!! and waiting for art projects and spilt milk! Did you get the new chevron carpet on Craig’s List?

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