Alice in Farmerland

I’ve said it once (just not on the blog) and I’ll say it again… I’m always good for a trip to the farm.  Turns out, we’ve got one right here in suburbia, Silverman’s of Easton.

We hadn’t been for a while so when this place was featured on Bravo’s Miss Advised (yes, I was watching, and yes, I enjoyed it) I suggested we visit during Day 1 of Mark’s stay-cation week.

Silverman’s has an orchard side and a farm over-feed-the-animals side.  We headed to feed the animals.

Last time we’d gone, the baby goats were small enough  to sneak out of their pen:

Not surprisingly, after a few weeks of near constant feeding, their fat bellies could no longer squeeze through their fence.  But their hungry heads were all that was needed to enjoy them.

Onwards to the tractor. I should mention here that Eleanor is way into Alice in Wonderland and wants us to call her Alice; probably why she’s so into this top hat we gave her for her birthday.  (I keep trying to tell her that we loved the name Alice but with our last name starting with an “S”, it’s like naming 101… you can’t have the first name end with the same sound as the last name.  Go to they’ll tell you.) Back to the tractor.  Big hit with our kids.

A quick ‘how-do-you-do’ with the three little pigs, and onto the play area.

It’s amazing.  (Literally… there’s a giant wooden fence maze.)

A wooden train, a wooden jeep with a slide, and a big wood tractor with a slide…

Oh… and a replica of Thomas the Tank Engine. Our kids don’t really know who Thomas is, but he’s a train which is all Oliver needs to hear.

While the kids were playing, I couldn’t help but notice the action in the neighboring animal pen.

This, ladies and gentleman, is what a horned up sheep looks like. He chased this poor gal around the entire time we were there.  I’m not sure if he’d already taken her out for a nice brunch and complimented her shoes, but he was expecting some action.  He never got it as far as we saw, but maybe he likes it when she plays hard to get.

Back to the kids.

They had a blast as always, and of course it was a treat to have their dad there with them!  We’ll be back in a month or so when it’s time to pick our pumpkins!




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