All I Wanna Do is a Zoom Zoom Zoom

A while ago, I saw a link to this post on Cool Mom Picks about Jamie Horton photographing your child’s favorite toy.

Oliver, as you know, is solidly in his truck phase of development.  His favorite toy is a disgusting lamb that he chews on, but no front runner in the toy category.  Yet.

I poked around on etsy for other truck related photo ideas and basically realized that I could do something very similar all on my own.

This project idea came up when we were still in the city, so I kept my camera on me for all of our final urban outings. When all was said and done, I had 4 shots that looked kind of fun.  On my computer, I changed the images to black and white and really cranked up the contrast and the clarity.

Black frames seemed a little harsh so I found these blue frames that picked up some of the other colors in the kids’ room.

I hung the frames over Oliver’s bed hopefully high enough so he can’t reach, but I’m just waiting for the day when he’s happily sitting in his crib with the “busssssssss” picture on his lap.




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