From the other parents I talk to, I gather this is more of a developmental thing than a Smith thing… but I’ve checked my toddler books and none of them mention hoarding.  (Excuse the draped chairs in the background…. playing around with slipcover fabric.)

Not the ‘isn’t that cute how she has her 3 stuffed animals in her bed with her’ type of a hoard, but an ‘Eleanor, do you know where my phone, Daddy’s golf glove, Frank’s leash, the cord to my ipod, the knob from the broken cabinet and the toilet brush went?’ type of a hoard.

She’s always been a ‘gatherer.’  This picture was taken when Eleanor was about 15 months.  That’s a book, my stationary, and a sippy cup.

This is another from those days.  The baby carriage is her version of a shopping cart, I guess.  Here she has a remote, a telephone, a cup, a stapler, and a first aid kit (safety, first).

This predisposition towards accumulation has me worried.  Like maybe A&E has a wait-list for their hoarders series and I can get in on it early.  I apologize to anyone who’s ever had a legitimate experience with hoarding as I just can’t imagine….but our toddler version has moments of eerie similarity.

When I told Eleanor that I took away the shoelace from her pile, she looked up with crazy panicked eyes and screamed that it was her band aid for her elephant when he’s at school.  Her go-to move is to pull our books from the bookshelf and carry those around… today one of my paperbacks was her cereal.  I try to clear items out of her pile and to generally tidy up each night…. but she’s sneaky about her stash, I’ll give her that.

These?  They’re binoculars OR drumsticks depending upon what’s on the pretend agenda.  You can see them featured in other posts.

This?  Cookies.

Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE this limitless imagination to transform just about anything into part of her make-believe. This ability to see the world as anything she can dream of is wonderful and something I hope sticks with her forever.

But… I’d love to know where the remote control to our Apple TV has gone.  And the cordless telephone from the den.  I’m just saying.



p.s. If you know anyone at A& E, have them email me.