Tripping the Light Fantastic

When we lived in Brooklyn, we were minutes from the Ikea in Red Hook.  Heaven.  Many a midday ‘activity’ was taken wandering the organized blue and yellow aisles of my favorite Swedish destination.

Before we left the city, I hit it up one last time to gather any items I thought we could use in the suburbs far far away.  And I found this:

Basically a large-ish plastic container.  What I loved about this one, was that the lid was flat and translucent, but had a lip around the edge (unlike other containers that have a white lid and/ or handles on the sides).

So what’s the big deal, you mutter to yourself… well this is now our new light table.  A few strings of Christmas lights later…

and voila!

Oliver actually spends whole minutes kneeling beside it before reigning down his toddler fury elsewhere in the house.  There are oodles of things to do with a light table (like here and here), but I’m consciously holding out for colder temps to bring out some of them.

But the two I’ve introduced were a BIG hit.  The first was simply plunking down a handful of our Orbeez (see my obsession with these guys here).  Yes, these are the same ones from my earlier post so they last forever!

The second light table activity that I’ve done is pretty similar to the Orbeez one but I ordered some cheap-o petri dishes on Amazon Prime and put a handful of marbles in each one.  Oliver loved watching the marbles roll around and moving them from one petri dish to the next.

If the table’s been plugged in for a while, the top starts to get a little warm (not hot) so I’m considering a tweak in which I drill a few holes in the back to not only allow the heat from the lights to escape, but also to stick the plug through so the top isn’t askew from the plug popping out.

But for $7.99, I’m sold on our little table o’ light!




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