Height-ee Height-ee Height-ee Ho

My latest project is a blatant rip-off from Pinterest and the clever folks over at Silhouette America.

But they say imitation is the best form of flattery so I’ll go with it.  I got this board for free at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  It had a coat of paint on it, but nothing a little sanding couldn’t take care of.

Before (dark and dreary):

After  (pretty new wood):

Now for the fun part!  The stripes from the Pinterest image were what grabbed my eye, so I marked off 6″ increments and taped them off with painter’s tape.  I wanted to hang the height chart in the middle of the wall (versus having it rest on the floor) so I opted to start my numbers at 2 feet.  (I also figured we wouldn’t care to take a height measurement until the kid could… stand, so 2 feet should be fine.)

I loved the white washed effect of the Pinterest project, so I watered down my white acrylic paint and gradually built it up until it was the right shade.  My wash was pretty watery, and as a result it bled under the tape a bit.  I could have sanded this down to make for clean lines, but I liked the aged/ rustic effect.  Not too perfect.

On the Silhouette America blog she mentioned a vinegar and steel wool stain… intriguing.  The exposed wood on my height chart already had a nice age to it (unlike the new wood of her post), but I was curious about the vinegar so decided to experiment.

(You can see here where the white wash bled a little bit.)

Like the white wash, the vinegar also seeped through a bit, but that’s the deal with these DIY projects.  Expect the unexpected.

I had some number stencils left over from stencilling the stair risers up to the 3rd floor ages ago.

I wanted the stencil on the white stripes so I placed, traced, and painted.

Using a measuring tape, I hashed out each inch and went back over these lines with paint.  I finished off the height chart by screwing in two screws on the back and connecting some picture wire.

I wasn’t sure what I would use to actually mark the kids’ height.  Writing right on the chart was one possibility, but I was worried it could get a little messy.  They used dogtags on the post, but I didn’t love this idea either.  I have envelopes of scrabble tiles left over from a craft I made for our wedding 5 years ago, and… ah ha… there were plenty of Es and Os (and Ms for when Martha can stand!).  I hot glued a simple eyelet screw on the back of each tile.

Eleanor, for some reason, loves to check her height; Oliver is dubious.

I wrote each of their heights on the back of the scrabble tile (since I’m sure the tiles will get moved around by fidgety little fingers) and tacked in a small nail to hang them on.

Can’t you imagine it with little scrabble tiles inching their way on up?




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