Here’s Looking At You, Keds

On Saturday morning, Mark took Oliver out for a man’s morning (oil change, Home Depot, haircut, cigars and a whiskey) so Eleanor and I had some solo time while Martha napped.  I don’t remember where I saw this project, but safe to say it rhymed with Winterest.  Who would have thought that the shoes I hated so much as a child would be my new favorite activity.

$20 white canvas Keds were our new medium for artwork.  I bought both some fabric pens and some puffy fabric paint (the latter I was going to use to trace/ copy whatever design Eleanor came up with on her paper template).

We started with an outline of the shoes on paper for Eleanor to decorate.

She kinda got the idea, but it was ultimately easier for her just to dive right in with the fabric pens and the shoes.  I then went back over some of her drawing with the puffy paint, but I also asked what sort of patterns she wanted me to make (zig zags, polka dots, etc.)

For a fleeting second, I considered letting Eleanor wield the puffy paint, but I was confident it would end up with a giant splotch of paint somewhere that no one would be happy with.

She stayed with it for a while, but we it took a few different sessions, and some encouragement (and help) from mom to cover all the white canvas.

We’ll see whether she wears them to school… if she does, clearly she’ll be the most fashion forward member of her 3-Day 3’s class.  Providing she’s also wearing shorts over her pants and 3 different t-shirts at once.


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