Chalk One Up

I’ve had a can of chalkboard paint in the garage for months.  So. Many. Possibilities.  I have lots more left for other projects, but for now, I stuck with the obvious… a new chalkboard in the family room.

First steps, tape and slap on the paint.

The paint on the wall looked a little plain Jane, so I decided to get my trim on.  Home Depot has lots and lots of options but I settled with this more classic and simple style.

Here’s what I learned about the cost of trim at Home Depot.  It’s not per strip, it’s per foot.  So I bought a few feet more than I needed.  But… I’m also learning my way around our compound miter saw (yep, Craigslist), so probably just as well that I had some extra length.  All in, I think the trim was $30 so regardless… not a wacky investment.  I considered leaving the edges square and using a square rosette on the corners, but the space is pretty casual, so I didn’t think we needed the added flare.  (Hence the need for 45 degree cuts… the folks at Home Depot could do this for you, if you don’t have a miter saw at home!)  After a coat of paint, ready to install.

The friendly Home Depot gent who helped me, suggested that I hammer in my finishing nails most of the way first, and then hold it up to the wall to hammer them all the way in.

I used a level before nailing the trim onto the wall.  Then, I took a larger nail and hammered each of these brads so that the nail head was below the surface of the trim. That way, I could go back with putty and the nail holes would be invisible.

I cleaned up the corners a bit with some wood filler and then went back over with a 2nd coat of paint.  They’re not the prettiest joints you’ll ever see, but it’s a kids’ chalkboard (and as soon as we can, we plan to demo that wall to make our kitchen a little more modern) so I didn’t sweat the details too much.

I read somewhere (maybe on the chalkboard paint can… who knows) that to ‘prime’ the chalkboard, chalk up the entire surface and then erase it all off.

Bring it on, kids!




2 thoughts on “Chalk One Up

  1. Hi Charlotte, I am a veteran mom but work with kids so still love this. If you do this again, you can paint a layer of magnetic paint under the chalkboard paint and you will have 2 surfaces in one 🙂

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