Glow, Glow, Glow Your Boat

Bath time.  Thankfully, my kids love it, but on most nights, they love it a little too much as evidenced by the puddles of water throughout the bathroom.  Until tiles made of shammy are en vogue, we’re in a pickle.

It doesn’t take much to get water OUT of the tub; this bathroom is circa 1970 which makes everything miniature in scale… including the tub.  (The first thing we did when we moved in was remove the sliding DOOR that was on the bathtub… see here.  Grody.)

That’s me pregnant with Oliver. (Eleanor’s riding on my back… it’s not a sassy belt.)

Still, Oliver is a man-child whose favorite activity is to lie back with this head under the water, which sounds peaceful enough until you witness the trashing and twisting required for him to ‘surface.’  He also just likes to stand up and throw himself back down into the tub.  Only takes once, for 2/3 of the bath water to splash out of the mini-tub.

After a great summer at the pool, Eleanor is fairly close to swimming which is also something she practices in the tub.  Kicking and all.  Again, only takes one good kick for the bath water typhoon to begin.  And she’s always been a splasher…

As you can imagine, this 15 minutes of our day isn’t the most relaxing.  Calgon is taking no one away.  So… I’m always looking for something that might divert attention from watering the bathroom floor.  The best part of every evening adventure I went on as a kid was somehow illuminating the night… fireflies, check.  Flashlights, check.  Glow sticks, hells to the yeah-check! (prime, natch) had just what the water soaked doctor ordered.

This tube of 25 was $14.99.  Both Eleanor and Oliver were frozen in their paddling places!

What is Martha doing this glow stick spectacular?  Chillin’ like a villain.



p.s. I’m secretly fascinated by glow sticks so took a minute to google how they work (very cool… kinda like the movie, The Rock where mixing the two chemicals results in this awesome reaction).  Most of the patents for them are held by the U.S. Navy- who knew!  Feel free to dork out with me:

Wikipedia: Glow Sticks


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