Pied Piper

I kid you not…. Oliver spent 45 minutes with this activity the other morning! FORTY-FIVE!!  That’s long enough for me to shower, like 20 times!

I’m going to talk talk talk, but that’s just to fill a little bit of space with this post. The reality is that I gave the kid a pack of pipe cleaners (‘chenille’ sticks…) and a colander.

How can that possibly hold his attention for FORTY-FIVE minutes?!  Don’t ask me (I was in the shower), but it did.

Such concentration.

Disclaimer: there’s no way to talk about this activity without it sounding dirty.  I get that.  I’m chuckling a little bit as I type, but we’re dealing with sticks and holes here, people.  Get a grip.

Anyways… Oliver carefully stuck each pipe cleaner through the holes of the colander over and over and over.  Occasionally, he would pull one out, but mostly he liked to push them in.

F-O-R-T-Y F-I-V-E minutes!!!



p.s. When he woke up the next morning, he was pointing and gesticulating for his pipe cleaners and colander.


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