Totally Tubular

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are my mornings alone with Oliver.  I should have just called this the week of incredibly easy activities to occupy an incredibly busy toddler.  After the whole pipe cleaner gift from the universe, I figured lightening couldn’t strike twice in the same toddler riddled place.  I was wrong.

One glorious tube is all it takes: I had one left over from a fabric purchase.  I leaned it against our couch (and ultimately taped it down a bit with painter’s tape to keep it sturdier…) and it was game on.

We have an ever-growing collection of matchbox-ish cars.  I gathered all the ones that were in the family room and showed Oliver what would happened if he put them down the tube.

The kid was psyched.

Every time the car went down the tube, it was mind blowing glory.  Every. Time.

I put a bucket at the bottom of the tube to collect all the cars, and he loved it.

After a while, he started grabbing at anything and quickly learned that some things were just too big for the tube.  I’m sure this knowledge will somehow benefit him with college admissions.

Again, there’s not a whole lot to say about this activity, but our boy loved it!

And, for that matter, so did his sister.  When she came home from school, it was pretty great to watch Oliver ‘teach’ her how to use his car tube.  All day I would sporadically hear the slide-crash of cars going down the tube.

I sort of want to collect a bunch of tubes and make a big giant mega-tube for all the cars.  Oliver would need to be sedated.  Stay tuned.




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