Katchoo Katchoo, Mrs. Robinson

Using handkerchiefs as decor wasn’t my idea, but it was something I’ve had in the back of my brain for a while.

Earlier this summer, I ditched the kids and Mark for a fieldtrip with a friend to the Elephant’s Trunk flea market.  Let me just say, it was redunculous.

I walked away with some great stuff: a standing lamp, the coffee table that I had spray painted red, a bunch of jars and bottles (I collect aqua glass), an awesome storage cabinet, and… a bunch of old handkerchiefs.  Gross you think? I beg to differ.  Decoration, my dears.

I even found one with an “M” initial for Martha! Cute, right?

I looked on Amazon for some 12″ square frames that would work.  I knew I wanted ones with minimal frame… ideally a square piece of glass clipped to a backing.  I didn’t get exactly what I was imagining but these are the next best things:

Once the frames were delivered, all I had to do was choose the handkerchiefs that fit best, and slap them into the frames!

Using double stick tape, I affixed each corner of the fabric to the black cardboard backing that came with the frame.  Some of the handkerchiefs were too small and since I didn’t feel like covering the black picture frame backing with something lighter in color, I just didn’t use all of them.  Other handkerchiefs [handkerchieves?] were a little big so I had to wrap the edges over and tape them down.

When all was said and done, I had some adorable frames that I mounted on the way up to Martha’s room.

The frames were the biggest expense at $10 a pop, but the handkerchiefs/ves were $2 for the lot of them!




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