I Can’t Believe It’s Not Barretter

When Eleanor was about 18 months, she discovered the accessory.

For some god known reason, toddler barrettes cost anywhere from $5-$15.  For something that gets pulled out, chewed on and hucked into the depths of the carseat, $5 is about $4.75 over my price point.  I snuck a peek at one of the $10 guys and took some notes so I could make my own.  Eleanor’s onto the next accessory, but for Martha… time for a barrette.

Here we go again.  I can’t remember where I got these, but they were left over from when Eleanor was a wee lassy.  Go online or hit the craft store: grab some alligator clips in whatever size you think your kid’s locks will require.  (These are 1.5″ long, but the ones on Eleanor above are 2″.)

Pick out some fun 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon.  These were pretty cheap (like $1.50 a piece) so I had a lot on hand.

Oh, you need a glue gun. (Frankly, a glue gun can solve all the problems in the world, so you should really have one on hand regardless.)  First, figure out how long you need to cut your ribbon: I wrap it around both sides of the top half of the clip.

Once you’ve cut your ribbon, put a strip of glue on the underside of the top half and stick the ribbon on carefully to center it.  (I do the underside first so that the top and bottom of the clip don’t stick together while you’re gluing the rest of the ribbon down.)

Wrap the ribbon around the ‘nose’ of the top half of the clip and glue it down.  You’re basically pinching the top half of the clip between the folded ribbon.

Last, put a dot of glue on the very end of the ribbon and wrap this around the part of the clip that you pinch in order to open it.  (Clearly I need an alligator clip glossary of terms…where my thumb is in the picture below.)

Usually my first few barrettes are a little more wobbly than the last ones as it takes one or two to get my groove.  (And I apologize that my Photo Shop for Dummies book has been sitting on a shelf for 2 months as it would be great to have some arrows in these pictures to help point out the details… one day.)

There’s nothing all that jazzy about these, but it would be easy to hot glue a rhinestone or a small flower or some other flare to make these a little more exciting.

But… they’re super easy to make and I don’t even blink when I find one stuffed in my purse or collecting dirt at the bottom of Eleanor’s lunchbox hoard.

Oh, Martha’s looking much more kempt, too.  Her messy hair was simply ruining our family photos…




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