Melts In Your Mouth and Looks Good in a Frame

This is kinda cool and kinda gross.  But mostly cool.  And delicious.  And colorful.  You’re curious now, right?

Ever since her Potty Weekend, Eleanor has had quite the pallet for M & Ms.  She’ll say things like, ‘because I was nice to Auber [Oliver], can I have an Neminem [M&M]?’  (I’ll stop with the toddler translation now… I know it’s annoying.)

Which brings me to our activity for the morning when the boy was at school.  M&M painting.

Not wanting to exhaust our stash in the freezer, we stopped by the local (read, ONLY) little market in town and picked up some more.

First step is to sort those bad boys.  A more zealous instructor than I could take this as an opportunity to discuss color theory, color matching, Color Me Badd… your call.

We separated all the colors; Eleanor was in charge of her favorite, yellow, and I took care of the rest.

Which is crap because it means I did all the work.

I  filled each cup of M&Ms with water until it just covered the candy.

Wait a few minutes and stir each cup a bit.  Ta da!

At first, Eleanor gave me a look like I was taking a sharpie to the Mona Lisa, but then she realized how cool it was to PAINT with candy.

We had an ongoing request for ‘just a little bit’ of M&Ms but that’s part of the fun!

Sticky, but fun.




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