Keep on Truckin’

Stop the presses.  This town has the answer to our prayers (not that I was praying for this or anything).  Touch-A-Truck came and saw and conquered.  [Yes, Eleanor picked her own outfit… I should just make that a standard footnote to my posts.]

Ready for trucks.

The local high school was having a fundraiser which basically meant bringing in as many motorized vehicles as they could muster.  We got there a few minutes before  it opened (we’d been warned that later in the afternoon, there’s a lot of horn tooting as the place gets crowded…) and killed the time with some dancing.

As advertised, we rolled in to a parking lot at the local high school littered with trucks, bikes, tractors, trains, buses… you name it.

I’ll tell you right now, this day ended in hysterics- the bad kind.  One guess which member of the family lost it when we had to physically remove him from the event (hint: sounds like “all over”).

Eleanor had her first love affair with face painting the day before and it got washed off before bed.  But we’d promised her there would be face painting at Touch-A-Truck so that’s where we headed first and foremost.  It wasn’t the best face painting I’ve ever seen in my life…

But the girl doing tattoos was named Alice so that was exciting (we’re big into Alice in Wonderland over here).

While we were getting all painted and tatted up, here’s where the boys were.  I will tell you again that this train also had something to do with aforementioned tantrum…

Which meant of course Eleanor needed her turn on Thomas.  During our ride, we spotted these happy campers:

Thankfully, there were lots and lots of buses.  It’s one of the words Oliver can say, so that’s helpful.  Oh, and at some point, my husband decided a bright blue lollipop was going to help things along at the ol’ Touch-A-Truck.

While we’re on the topic of buses, I can show you this gymnasium party bus complete with a zip-line. Makes me want to check Craigslist for an old bus.

(You can start the Jaws music or drumroll or whatever other suspenseful sounds effects you can think of about now. We’re about 10″ out from wheels falling off and meltdown.)

We had lunch from the gourmet grilled cheese truck, but every time the train drove by, Oliver whimpered and moaned. Like any parent wanting to instill in their children boundaries and limits…. we gave in and took him on one last ride. Who does he think he is, Miss America with that wave?

It took Mark a hot minute to get Eleanor all sugared up when we went for our train fix. She’s a good toddler and licks the icing only.

I love the sheer glee that my son gets when he’s exactly where he wants to be, and in this case it was doing laps around the high school parking lot on the back of a train. But two laps don’t last forever…

Aaaaaand, scene.



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