Tee Good To Be True

I suspect I’m like most parents in that I love a good activity, but I’m less loving the planning and prep that goes into said good activity.  So when I find simple, bang for your buck, projects I’m all over it.

May I present Sticking Pointy Things Into Styrofoam.  Mark somehow picked up a few bags of golf tees at our Touch-A-Truck outing and I’d saved this strip of styrofoam from some package we received.

So I set them up and let Oliver start poking the tees into the styrofoam.
Yep, that’s it.  This didn’t suck quite as much time as the pipe cleaners or the car tube, but both kids kept coming back for more.

Anything that holds their attention for more than 10 minutes is an activity that I mark in the win column.  (My bar is low… I need to declare whatever victories I can.  Sometimes giving them a vitamin as their nutrition for the day is my game winner.)

I could see tweeking this ‘activity’ to be a liiiitle more educational by gluing shapes on top of the tees and making patterns.  Or you could glue letters and practice spelling or upper/ lower case matching.  Or get some small little trinkets (like those little shapes kids stick in their Crocs) and match those with your letters/ put in alphabet order.  Turns out this dinky styrofoam + golf tee activity might get your kid into Brown afterall!




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