Let Flea-dom Ring

You’ve been warned.  There is virtually no point to this post other than to allow me a chance to reminisce about my latest trip to the flea market.  Man, do I love that joint.  I always go into it with a quasi-list of projects or items that I can repurpose, but undoubtedly, I forget to check it once my brain starts its happy giddy buzzing upon the first steps inside the gates.

My flea market of choice is in New Milford,CT at the Elephant’s Trunk paradise.

Elephant’s Trunk opens at 7:00 a.m. (or you can pay $20 and get in at 5:45 a.m….but that’s madness) and this was the line that I met when I arrived.

One thing I love about a good flea market is so many people all searching for their own unique treasure.  Unique sometimes being the operative word.

For some, the perfect find is antique photos.  (How great would these guys look layered under a piece of glass on a desk or dresser?  Or individually framed as a photo wall in a powder room?)

For others, old signs (normally I’d leap at this with the “Smith” shout out, but I didn’t love the gun, and it looked like it might have been a replica instead of the real deal).

And for some, stuffed roadkill; I had to restrain myself from coming home with this beauty…  If Mark and I ever have a big fight I could leave it on his side of the bed godfather style.

On this particular visit, I was looking for 1) a small side table to put in the living room, 2) blue mason jars to hold flowers behind the family room couch, 3) figurines that might look fun with a coat of spray paint, 4) anything that can act as a fun statement piece or bit of art, 5) wooden crates to repurpose as shelving.

In the past, I haven’t arrived until closer to 10, so hard to say if the pickings were better today since I pulled in right at the opening whistle… I rarely have trouble finding things!  But I did get just about everything on my list.

First stop, this table.  It was part of a pair, and the guy was all but begging me to take both, but I honestly couldn’t think of a space for the other… probably something I’ll regret down the line.  I may or may not paint it and I want to get a mirror cut for the top.  (And those chairs are slated for new covers when we have a little cash lying around.)

Right across the aisle, I found this little darling.  My friend bought a similar table earlier in the summer, so consider me a copy cat.  Paint?  Nail head details?  TBD.

Industrial letters… I’m always good for some if I see them. Martha’s the only one left out, but I’m thinking that maybe the industrial letter ship has sailed around here.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with this storage piece.  It had paper labels on each drawer with the various hardware items so I removed those, but I wanted to sit with it for a bit before decided whether to paint, decoupage, etc.

This sweet globe.  I’m seeing lots of globes tucked into various rooms in magazines and around other design sites, and I like them.  Whether as a simple table decoration, cut in half and hanging as a pendant or hanging from the ceiling… the colors are pretty and the form clean and simple.

I love these old soda bottles and have learned that sometimes they can be expensive. Ditto other bottles and jars. People in the know can identify the labels, the color, etc…. sometimes they go for as much as $45. Not for me… I go for the cheap ones since I like the look and don’t care about the more unique detailing.

These crates were probably a little pricier than I would find elsewhere ($15 each), but I liked that they were the same, in good condition, and had a sweet design on the outside.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for a cute logo.  Stay tuned for a post on how I made them into a bookshelf.

Oh, and I snagged some art.  The train is for Oliver… I’m starting to build a little collage wall in their room with all the little random pieces of kid’s artwork I have kicking around.  And you all know the boy likes himself a train.  I’m thinking of making a frame from some old pallets I have lying around for the lower painting.

And not that anyone’s keeping track, but I did find some blue mason jars for $1 so I was a happy flea market camper today.

I’m headed back in a few weeks so I’ll keep you posted if I stumble across anything awesome on that trip!




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