Oh, Snap!

I finally found a use for the nicely labeled little jar of rubber bands I have in our kitchen…  Rubber band painting.

This project started with both kids and Oliver peeled out (read: tantrum) when I wouldn’t let him suck on the paint brushes.

First I gave the kids a pile of rubber bands and let them stretch them around cookie sheets.  Eleanor could do this on her own and Oliver… tried.

They liked snapping them and waving their cookie sheets.

I slipped paper under the rubber bands and moved the operation outside.  Oliver started his meltdown when I asked him to put on his smock.  Some days, it doesn’t take much.  (Eleanor’s going through a ‘beach’ phase so her clothing comes off first thing every day, so the smock wasn’t needed to protect her clothing, but rather to make these pictures appropriate for public viewing.)

I brushed paint onto the rubber bands and showed Eleanor what would happen when she snapped the rubber band.

Eleanor’s mom thought this project was AWESOME!  Eleanor… was more interested in getting her mitts on the paint brush so she could really get into it.  Just being honest.

Sometimes I strike gold with these things, and sometimes not so much.  (But…. I’m going to try again some other day, because a three-year-old isn’t the most stable being on the planet.)




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