Circle Circle Dot Dot Dot

Another Pinterest find to try for our own abode: circle art.

I didn’t want to copy it verbatim so I decided to put my own little spin on it.

– We don’t have as much gold as we do silver in this house, so I chose silver paint instead of the gold pictured above.

– My biggest DIY weakness is I can’t keep it simple,  so I had to throw in some other colors.

– I spray painted my poster board first and then cut out the circles so I didn’t have to deal with a) them all blowing away when I sprayed them and b) risk some spray paint error once I’d already cut and stapled the whole shebang.

Here’s what I did:

1. Spray the poster board.  (I used two coats except for with the green that I ran out of.)

2. Cut out the circles. I used a 3″ circle punch.

3. I had an old piece of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) leftover from the dress-up dresser so I used it as my background.  As mentioned on the inspiration blog, I measured and drew lines on my board first.  I was using 3″ circles, so I measured my lines to be 1.5″ apart.

4. I tried a few different iterations of the pattern to see what I liked.  Haphazard didn’t look quite right and some patterns felt much too deliberate or patchy.

I finally settled on this alternating pattern.

5. Here’s where I’d do it differently if I could go back in time.  Staples didn’t work on my board… they barely stuck in so I had to shift gears to glue.  My smaller hot glue gun wasn’t cooperating so I grabbed the wood glue.  And duh, you can see through the circles where I used the glue; despite piling on the heavy books, you can see the outline.  Bummer.  After the first 5 or 6 rows, I unpacked my second hot glue gun and that worked great.

Intermission (?): Sometimes I do these projects when the kids are around and they’re a huge help…

6. Frame.  I bought some basic trim and figured I’d just cut it the way I did the frame for the chalkboard in the family room.  I didn’t want to use a color and darker stained wood didn’t seem quite right either.  There was still some stain leftover from the height chart so I started with this; I liked the grayer tone that it had as opposed to the warmer browns of a store-bought stain.  The stain was okay, but still not quite right.  I went over it a few different times with various iterations of a white wash: first very watery, second thicker, and finally a dry brush.  More of an experiment for me, but I actually like the color tone and the texture of the finished product.

I used our miter saw to cut corners and then just wood glued the frame onto the MDF backing. I made sure to clamp it (and used a right angle) so that it didn’t shift or warp on me.

7. I attached picture wire to the back with 2 screws. (The piece is heavier than it looks because of the whole medium density thing.)  Then I hung that bad boy up to enjoy… and try not to obsess over the lower rows with the wood glue outline.




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