Our 2 Turns 2

Today our middle child turns 2.  Two!

As the second born, Oliver has his work cut out for him.  When it comes to birth order tendencies, I’ve completely drunk the kool-aid and tend to believe much of what I read (first borns tend to me control freaks/ organized… yep, got that.)  I’m sure it’s a like sitting in the metal fold up chair with one of those psychics who sit outside  storefronts in NYC… you hear what you want to hear.

BUT, if one were to do a little research on, hypothetically, what personality traits a middle child might happen to have, here’s what you could possibly learn.  Hypothetically.

Middle children can:

  • feel neglected because the older sibling is commanding attention and the younger sibling is free from all responsibility

  • may not feel special with family members so may gravitate to social groups and peers more

  • be peacekeepers and easily see both sides of a situation

  • try not to rock the boat

  • be kind and helpful

If you ask me, this list sucks. Aside from the kind/ helpful potential, my poor sweet Oliver has a rough road ahead.  (Especially if you also consider what subtle messages we’re sending our boys nowadays: to be tough, to be stoic, to win at all costs, to be rich…)

On this 731st day of the boy’s life, I hearby declare a birth-order personality trait mutiny:

  • I will fight to keep you feeling loved and valued despite the sometimes bossy and demanding tendencies of your older sister.

  • I want you to know how much joy you added to our lives at 1:13 p.m. on October 5, 2010 and how much laughter and love you have added every day since.

  • I want you to feel as comfortable dressing up in your sister’s tutu as you do driving your trucks around the house.

  • I hope you  love someone (man or woman) for their strengths, for their vulnerabilities and for their imperfections.

  • I hope you stand up for what is important to you and if that means rocking the boat onto it’s head, then go for it, son!

Oliver doesn’t know it, but he’s in for a helluva birthday.  He’s headed to get his 2-year doctor’s check-up avec shots (sorry, kid… that’s the deal) and then his cousins will be here to help him celebrate a truck and automobile extravaganza.

He shares a birthday with his older cousin who’s crazy for fairies so the party theme will be trucks AND fairies… yeah, I know, I need to re-read my own post and concentrate on point #1.  A fairy driving a tractor might work.

The boy can climb, the boy can giggle, and the boy can bust a move.  He breaks for trains, trucks, and helicopters, and he copies every last thing his big sister does (right down to the head bands they wore to Home Depot last week- still annoyed that I didn’t take the picture).

He already has a big ol’ heart and has never entered a room in which Martha was perched without giving her a kiss.

But if you take something that he likes away from him , he will freak and might pull out as much of your hair as he can hold.  Fair warning.

He is my all time favorite son, and I am up to the challenge of raising this middle child to feel like he rules the world (with a sprinkling of self deprecation and modesty because who are we kidding… arrogance is the worst).

Happy birthday, Oliver!




5 thoughts on “Our 2 Turns 2

  1. As a second in line myself, I can relate to the challenges Oliver faces. Bossy big sisters aren’t really so bad. He outweighs her already and that can level the playing field dramatically!! Happy Birthday Big O!

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