Crate-zy Town

I threatened to tackle this here, and now I’ve up and done it.  I turned two crates into a rolling shelf for our family room.

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t know nearly as much about the hardware aisle at Home Depot as I’d like and I always feel like there’s a better ‘tool’ for the task at hand.  In this case, I’m sure there are better screws/ nuts/ bolts to use to attach the two crates, but I worked with what we had downstairs on our tool bench.

I started by drilling holes down through both crates.  I lined them up so the fronts were even and then clamped them so they wouldn’t shift.

Next, I screwed the two crates together with a nut on the bottom to keep the screw from coming loose.  If you know of the right hardware for this job, let me know… I tend to get blank looks from the Home Depot staff when I describe what I’m trying to do.

I had purchased four casters and wanted to mount these to the bottom to compliment the industrial/ vintage/ feel to the whole thing.  Problem was the holes on the casters were so big that the shorter screws needed (in order to keep from poking through the bottom of the crate) just slipped right through; I could have used washers in between the screw and the caster’s holes to keep the screws in place, but I didn’t have any washers that were big enough.  I managed to find a handful of screws that worked; I only used 2 screws for each caster and you can see two tiny little screws have popped through the slightest but… but I turned a blind eye.

I’m using it to store all the drinks we have on hand and am loving the flea market style it brings to that little nook.




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