Collection Detection

You know when you look through home decorating magazines and see a nice little vignette of like-minded items all pretty and organized and looking like a museum display case?


Well I always marvel at the foresight it takes for someone to decide that a singular mundane item will become an eclectic and interesting tableau when surrounded by others of its kind!  One= boring; many=fabulous.

I pulled the trigger with my aqua glass, but that doesn’t require too much planning as these bottles are pretty easy to find so there’s instant collection satisfaction.

(Sidenote: My sister will be thrilled to know that I’m writing about collections as she was the queen of all collections as an tween: erasers (eraser SHAVINGS), garbage pail kids, my little pony dolls… I’m sure there are things that I’m forgetting, but that girl could bring it with collecting.)

But here’s my latest little collection gallery wall that I’m liking. Individually, these are weird and a little dated. (I bought the bigger one in the middle first because I thought he was quirky, but now I think he’s a little tacky without his like-minded embroidered companions…)

The two smaller ones on top were $3 at Goodwill, the round USA seal was $3 and the sweet one on the bottom was a whopping $8 at the flea market.

Clearly quasi-kitschy needlepoint art is not in high demand on the collection circuit. Lucky for me!



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