Crayola Couture (Crayoluvit!)

As I’ve mentioned before, Thursday mornings are a project day around here: Oliver is in school, Martha’s napping, and I have Eleanor to myself.  I’m half expecting to find her sleeping in her new creation when I get her up tomorrow morning.

Here’s how this new shirt went down.  Oh, it goes without saying, I credit Pinterest with all of these ideas.  I tweek them or interpret them, but the brain child is all their’s.

Supplies = 4 (the lower this number, the better!)  1. T-shirt.  I grab plain white t-shirts whenever I see them at the craft store (usually for about $2 a pop) so we used one of those.  2. Sand paper.  I used medium grit because that’s what we had, and I also wanted it to give Eleanor a little more sensory feedback.  The finer the grit, the smoother the transfer. 3. Crayons.  We have a mixed bag of brands and kinds.  4. Iron.

To make the design more interesting, I asked Eleanor what shape she wanted and she suggested a star.

Once I cut the star out for her, I gave her some crayons and told her to draw whatever she wanted but to press down  REALLY hard.  This is great fine motor practice for younger kids as they need a pretty sturdy grip to manipulate the crayons on the sandpaper and also to apply the pressure to get the color good and dark.

In most places, I went back over Eleanor’s line to make it darker and in others I added my own little je ne sais quoi. After she assured me that she had colored all that she wanted, it was magic time.

I put a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt to prevent any wax seeping through.  With the crayon side against the fabric, we placed the star where we wanted it on the t-shirt.  I covered it with a dishtowel to protect the iron.  Then, with the iron on the high heat setting I applied the heat for maybe a minute (I checked to see that the crayon had transferred before removing the star completely).  I quickly put a paper towel over the star and ran the iron over that to pull up any left over chunks of crayon.

At this point, Eleanor had lost interest figuring her fun art project was wrapped up and finito.  She was busy ‘packing a picnic’ in the other room.

Until I showed her THIS.  Ka-pow!

Inspired her to give the camera a little face.

But she loves her new crayon print t-shirt like crazy.  Which is kinda how her outfit was today, so it’s alllll good.



p.s. I couldn’t get the shirt off of her to do this, but from googling around, I plan to ‘set’ the shirt by drying it first for 15-20 minutes, then washing it separately.


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