Off With Their Heads

Remember when I hit toddler paydirt with this colander/ pipe cleaner gift from heaven?  Well, this is the preschool equivalent!

Eleanor spent 60 minutes defiling her family’s faces.  (How proud was I?)

Materials needed for this little graffiti project: computer, printer, laminate, scissors, dry erase markers.  (I went through a mild obsession with the I Heart Organizing blog and purchased a laminator in order to label every surface in my house so this was super easy, but most copy stores have a laminator so you might have to make a quick stop.)

The only thing to consider when choosing the photo, is to choose a shot where the face is straight to the camera (like a passport photo… but with a smile!).  I had to troll through my photos a bit actually to find a few pictures where I could see both ears and the child looked somewhat happy.  And I definitely had to zoom and crop to make the face as big as possible.

Once I had that sorted out, I just printed them, cut out the heads and laminated those adorable mugs.

It’s a little creepy, I know… but Eleanor made every member of the family a pirate and Oliver even got in on the face painting action for a good 15 minutes.

I’m taking over/ under bets on how long before one of the kids’ actual face gets drawn on…



p.s. The original idea came from this little morsel on Pinterest.

p.p.s. A little tid bit learned on the first grade teaching battlefield: dry erase markers gets Sharpie off of a white board, etc.  Just trace over whatever line you want to remove with your dry erase and immediately wipe away like normal.  (This is also a good way to clean up ‘old’ dry erase lines that may have sat for a while and aren’t erasing cleanly.  You’re welcome.


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