Going Green

Sorry for anyone hoping for thoughts on the environment or Al Gore or composting… today I’m sharing a little update I gave an old estate sale chair we had sitting in our family room.

I think I grabbed this chair for $10 because I liked the shape, the smaller size and it did have an interesting aged look to it.

But it was dull.  And seemed a little too rustic for our family room.  A good drinking game would be to watch HGTV and drink whenever someone says “pop of color;”  I felt like this chair might be a fun place to introduce a ‘hells to the yeah’ [aka ‘pop of color] into the room.

May I introduce you to Behr Formal Garden green from Home Depot.

Amaze-balls, huh?

Another drinking game would be to drink every time I mention how much a color change can upgrade a piece of furniture.  Either way, you’re in for a wild night.  (Although neither watching HGTV nor reading this blog are all that exciting, so I take it back… you’re in for a quiet night with a headache filled morning.)




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