Poppin’ To the Oldies

My godmother suggested this activity back in June.  With the arrival of the first chill in the air, I’m just now writing about it as she reminded me that it can be a great indoor activity as well. A few key supplies and it can be done inside much to the shock and horror of your children.  (And really, how often can you shock and/ or horrify a toddler?!)

Here’s all you need: a hot air popcorn maker without it’s lid, and popcorn. (If you’re doing the indoor route, grab a sheet of plastic- the larger the better.  Or a very  hungry and very thorough dog.) I bet you can see where this is going.

Again, it’s as simple as that.

We set this up outside (back in July), and my kids had NO idea what they were in for.

Even before the kernels started popping, they were into it.  Loud noise… swirling kernels… mom telling them to stand back because something was going to happen.  I had them as soon as I’d plugged the thing in.  Eleanor got her spectator on.

I may have to scour Craigslist for a stronger popcorn popper as I was envisioning a Mt. Vesuvius of Orville Redenbacher.  Not that the kids cared, though, as they loved the popcorn hopping out of the popper and were delighted to race around and gather their booty.

For this to be an indoor activity, I wouldn’t do anything differently other than putting down the plastic (or allowing Frank to join in the festivities).

Now go get yer pop on, people!



p.s. I now have “Who Let the Dogs Out” running through my head.

p.p.s. Does that count has having a song stuck in your head?  A chant?  A chong?


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