Dewey Love It?

On my last trip to heaven the flea market, I grabbed an old set of library card catalogue drawers.  And yeah, I remember the days when you needed to finger through drawers and drawers of index cards to find the location of whatever book you needed.  Hello, Dewey Decimal System. (I also remember microfiche, microfilm and the rotary phone.  Just saying.)

I forgot to take a proper “before” picture so this candid of Eleanor will have to do… the drawers are in the background.

I actually didn’t do much to this piece as I loved the wood color and I loved the size.  But… I did tweek it a bit.  Without legs, it sat on the floor flat and seemed a little squat.  It didn’t feel like furniture as much as it felt like something I had just set aside until I found a table on which to put it.

So time for some gams.  Home Depot sells turned legs and turned feet.  I didn’t want full legs as I felt the proportion would be off with a small bookshelf and tall skinny legs.  So I opted for 6″ feet.

I already had some stain so just used that… It’s actually an okay match to the sides of the drawers but obviously doesn’t match the warmer caramel color of the drawer fronts themselves.  I don’t mind it so much and saved some money not buying a new can of stain.

Home Depot also sells these guys.  They’re genius.  I want to put legs or feet on everything.  Next trip to the flea market…

Basically you drill a hole where you want the foot and hammer these in; they’re an instant thread for the screw on the end of the feet.


Now to find little trinkets to go into each drawer.



p.s. For anyone keeping track, I’ve moved these drawers since I took these pics, and they’re now on the wall underneath the circle art I made a few weeks ago.  The newly purdy green chair is still in this corner.


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