Matchbox 20 Minutes

By now my motives with all these kids’ projects are clear.  Minimal effort.  Very minimal supplies.  And independent engagement on the other end.  If I have to manage the activity, then it’s not for me.  Presenting our Match Box.

The premise is simple (it doesn’t have to be a box), just trace a handful of objects and have your child match up which object goes with each outline.

I chose a shoe box to keep everything contained, but a piece of paper would totally work.  You could have an older child glue objects onto the paper.  I kinda want to do an entire table top.  (I have another project in the works with one of those Ikea Lack tables that you can get for $9… how cool would that look?!)  It could also be a fun scavenger hunt to give your kid a sheet with outlined shapes and see if they can find the objects.

I pretty much gathered small stuff from our junk drawers that had interesting shapes and traced them onto some foam paper I got at the craft store. (Obviously any paper will do.)  Later, I went over each outline with a Sharpie to make it more permanent and bold.

I cut the foam to fit inside the shoe box.  If I had a stash of cute decorative paper on hand, I might have used that to cover the outside of the box… but I don’t so I didn’t.  I used the bright green paint left over from our pop-of-color-chair to make it a little more interesting. A few magazine letter cut outs later, and “Match Box” is rarin’ to go.

Eleanor loves it and Oliver is surprisingly good at matching each object to its outline.  And now I’m jonesing for an Ikea trip for that table…




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