Pumpkins with My Pumpkins

For anyone reading this blog on a more regular basis, you might have noticed that the city/ suburb comparisons aren’t springing up as often as they used to.  There are still moments of urban yearning for the sirens and chaos and stores open past 5:00, but our country living certainly feels more and more like the new normal.  I’ve written about plenty of fantabulous suburban opportunities: boat rides, animal petting, nature walks, and- ahem- the enormous flea market (although Brooklyn’s got a pretty awesome alternative with its Brooklyn Flea), but Fall in the suburbs might take the cake.

Two weeks ago, my sister drove up from Philadelphia with her three kids and we had a weekend cousin fest.  Lots of playing house, and driving trucks and art projects.

My niece and Oliver share a birthday (she just turned 5 and he just turned 2), so we started the weekend with a joint fairy/ truck party.  The big kids painted fairy houses and/ or wooden trains while the little kids napped.

After a pizza-riffic birthday dinner, the candles were blown out on the fairy cupcakes.

The cousins hadn’t seen each other since Easter, but there’s something about that relationship that means the kids instinctively know how to pick up right where they left off!  I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that my sister and I spend our Verizon minimum on the phone together.


After the weekend, it’s clear that Eleanor worships her older cousin.  Since they’ve left, Eleanor has insisted on wearing her hair the same way (ponytail with side barrette) and won’t stop with the monkey bars at the playground (her cousin spent an hour going back and forth on them during her visit!).

One day the boys will pal around, but for now my sister’s middle child kind of bounced around between non verbal truck playing with Oliver and VERY verbal make-believe house/ cooking/ school with the big girls.

And hard to believe when you see them now, but the two youngest girls are only 6 months apart so they will be causing their own trouble together very soon!

One day this will be the face of Martha’s hero worship!

The big event of the weekend was the Sunday hay ride and pumpkin patch at our favorite, Silverman’s Farm, in Easton, CT.  Apple picking hasn’t been great this year because of the late spring freeze around most of the area but the tractor ride through the orchard was the excitement our truck-loving kids was looking for!

Perfecting the stone face.

With enthusiasm running high, we grabbed a wagon and let the kids loose on the pumpkin patch.

Oliver grabbed any pumpkin he could carry and plunked them down in the closest wagon he could find; our fellow pumpkin pickers were very appreciative.

The wagon was a big draw and by the end of the morning, the collective cousin pack was more interested in hitching a ride than picking out pumpkins.  But who can blame them… if only they made adult sized wagons.

With bellies full of grilled cheese and car filled with pumpkins, we bid a sad farewell to our favorite Philly residents.  It’s pretty special to think ahead to the evolving friendships that these kids will have with each other down the road!  What mischief will they get into together?  What games will they lose themselves in?  I can’t wait!



p.s. It wouldn’t be a proper group photo without some outtakes.  Oliver was the one in melt down mode for this particular photo opp.


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