Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

There’s a lot of matching going down in this suburban crib. Object matching and now color matching.

All idea credits go to this site via Pinterest… (Honestly, I usually don’t read the original post for most of these ideas as the picture on Pinterest is detail enough!)

On one of our many trips to Home Depot, I grabbed a handful of paint color swatches (two of each) choosing the ones that were nice and bold and bright.

At home I trimmed one set down to smaller strips and cut out small rectangles from the matching set.

I had a bucket of clothes pins already, but you can buy these just about anywhere: drug stores, craft stores, and I think I may have seen them at the Depot (Home) also.  I used my trusty hot glue gun to attach the small rectangles to each one.

The object is to match the color on each clothespin to the color on the color strip.

(But who are we kidding… if it keeps the kids quiet and entertained, I don’t care HOW they use it!)  Bonus points for the fine motor skills needed to pinch the clothes pin.

Oliver can’t quite coordinate the clothes pins, but it’s right in Eleanor’s wheel house.  In order to preserve the activity a bit, I picked up some simple strips of basswood at the craft store (basswood is heavier than balsa wood, but easy enough to cut with an x-acto knife) and glued on the color swatches.

Hopefully this added durability will withstand the preschool product testing rigors.




2 thoughts on “Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

    • Hilarious. I lied a little as I do always click through to make sure I’m not missing anything! 🙂 A good picture can sometimes speak a thousand words! (BTW, love your monster box.. planning to do that for a Halloween party decoration!)
      Thanks for all the great ideas!!

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