Lack’s All, Folks

You know Ikea?  That small little store with the unbreakable bags and the smell of cinnamon buns wafting out of every air duct?  Well months ago I snagged this 4-legged Lack loveliness. (I have a thing for kelly green, apparently.)

There wasn’t a plan for this table,  but for $9.99 it just seemed silly not to buy now and plan later.  I sold an old coffee table on Craigslist this summer and aaaalmost refurbished it with chalk paint but the table was ultimately too big.  But not my little Lack. (I got ahead of myself and finished the table before taking any ‘during’ pics so sorry… shows how fast this little update was!)

Ikea furniture can be a challenge to repaint because of the shiny (non-wood) finish.  In order to paint it do a little googling for more explicit instructions, but in general sand it a bit to rough up the surface and then apply the best primer you can.  (I never get into oil based paints because they’re a pain and they give off bad fumes, but they’re the best if you’re really serious about painting something like Ikea furniture.)

So 1) Sand, 2) Prime, 3) Chalkboard paint (2 coats).

Oliver likes to dump the chalk and Eleanor’s practicing her apple trees.

Lack, please!



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