Shape Up

Remember how I said activities on Oliver Days are 10 minutes long?  Well I wasn’t kidding.  This was the other activity we did along with baking our delectable banana bread.

I have plans to make something like this as a more permanent activity, but for now, we just kept it simple.  I quickly cut out a few obvious shapes from colored construction paper and traced around them on a plain piece of white paper.

Oliver started pairing up the shapes before I even finished, but to add a little complexity to the project, I gave him a glue stick to use. He does similar activities at school, but it was good practice for him to simultaneously hold the glue stick and put enough pressure on it to actually leave behind some glue!

My boy doesn’t mess around with his shapes and he stuck those things down in record time. We spent a few minutes scribbling on his picture and with me guiding his hand to make an “O” on each shape.

To get the rest of that wiggly body involved in the action, I called out shapes and colors and had him smack each one.  The boy can smack.

Finally, like any good shape game, we had to get the fairies involved.  First they had to stand on the shapes.

Then they had to take a nap. Oliver’s snoring.

And that, folks, is how 20 minutes of Oliver Day is spent.  Don’t ask about the other 160 minutes… Sesame Street was involved as was a big ol’ basket of trucks.



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