Weekend Update

Despite the extra hour we got this weekend, I’m still getting caught up in the land of blog.  Tomorrow I plan to hunker down and get my groove back, but for now I present a recap of our weekend comings and goings.  (Can I just say that daylight savings with children is always a bad thing…)

1. The highlight of my weekend was meeting my blogging idols, Sherry and John Petersik from Young House Love.  Yeah, I’m fully aware of the lame-ity of that sentence on every level.  (I used to be cool, pinky swear… I spent a day with James Taylor- that was awesome; I’ve sat poolside with a vice president- amazing; and I was in an art history class with a woman who’s now on Gray’s Anatomy- she doesn’t know me from Adam, but I still think that’s exciting.)  Anyways, they had a book signing at the only library in our area that still had power and I got to sit there with a goofy grin on my face for all 90 minutes of it.

2. Upon returning to our water logged home, I got my first glimpse of the aftermath.  Thank you to my sweet husband for dealing with so many things so I didn’t have to see the flooded version.  Shout out to the folks at ARS who came in with superman capes blowing in the wind to pump scummy water, run fans, mention things like anti-microbial spray and generally make you feel like they’ve got your back.

That’s the water line outside our family room doors. That’s close.

3. My kids were rock stars this weekend.  Their little world has been put on its head lately, and they’ve rolled with the punches.  A farm near my mother-in-law had a fantastic playground for them to run around on before returning to their dark and heat-free home!  Oliver’s into jumping, and Eleanor’s into preaching.

4. Happy 90th birthday to Mark’s grandfather!! How many people get to say that?!  Spend 15 minutes with this man and you’ll learn three things: he was in the navy, he loves his family and can tell you how many grandchildren and great-grandchildren he has without pause, and man does he love his wife.  He starts every toast and every story by saying how much he loves his beautiful bride; and then she cries with happiness.  Every time.

5. My husband’s the best.  As you can imagine, it’s been a wild week for us and he’s shouldered the load with aplomb: positive when I needed him to be positive, realistic when I needed him to be realistic and sweet when I needed him to be sweet. The man does loving partner very very well.  Not that I’m surprised, but the moments when you remember exactly how much you love a person sometimes catch you off guard and sneak up on you… those are good moments.

So I guess that’s not so much an update as it is a few little thoughts I have on a Sunday night!  The agenda for the week includes shopping for a new washer/ dryer (all suggestions welcome), entertaining Eleanor who’s school is still out of commission after the hurricane, and getting back to my project to-do list (I’m not telling what’s on tap… you’ll have to read the blog!).




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