I Came, I Bubbled, I Voted

Here’s something that’s way easier in the suburbs: voting.

I left for my polling location after dropping Oliver off at school.  Like someone headed off to stand on line for One Direction tickets, I was armed for a long wait.  Kindle, People magazine, large coffee, iPhone charged, notepad for brainstorming my To-Do list… I was barely there long enough to snag these guys, before I was handed my ballot.

Sadly I don’t have a memory for  historic details and dates the way I do celebrity names and relationships, otherwise I would write a lengthy post on the specifics of our nation’s voting history.  But I do cast my ballot with wholehearted gratitude for all of those in our past who sacrificed, risked their lives and made it possible for every member of our nation to have a voice.

My 15 minutes this morning could easily be taken for granted sandwiched between my other errands.  To imagine what it’s like to live in a society where my vote doesn’t count, my gender doesn’t allow me to have a voice, or my government doesn’t acknowledge my opinion… well for most of us this is unfathomable.

I get discouraged by the nature of politics in our country and the ability of both parties to skew the facts and twist the truth.  I get discouraged by the rampant misinformation and accusations flung around by both parties.  I get discouraged by lots of things where politics are concerned, but I will never lose focus of the big picture that affords us the freedom to act on our beliefs, to have a say, to have a ballot.

I went for a run today through our town’s beach area so decimated by Hurricane Sandy, and as I passed through the National Guard check points, there were piles and piles of treasured belongs outside every home.  The only people around were electricians, disaster mitigation specialists, or other contractors.  Every home  had catastrophic damage.  No one was spared.  Without exception.  Sure, I have an opinion about who I’d like to see in the White House for the next four years, but today I was thankful for my country and my simple right to vote.




In other news, Eleanor’s had everything ready for bed in her room since 11:00 this morning.


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