I’m going to be honest… I’m fried.  Today was a down day.  The house is piled with boxes from the basement, Eleanor’s school is closed indefinitely, Martha’s so interested in crawling that she doesn’t sleep more than 45 minutes, and it’s SNOWING!  Throw in a handful of fatigue, a pinch of caveman toddler, and a dash of ‘when it rains it pours’ and that’s a recipe for head butting all around.  Believe me when I say there was some yelling, a few time-outs, and exasperated sighs.

But I wanted to at least attempt to pull things out of the weeds and get one simple group activity under our belts.  I’d give us an A for effort and a B- for execution.  May I present Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats.  (I got the idea here, but I’m hoping you don’t click on the link as her photographs and finished product are beautiful… mine are a disaster.  I revise my grade: D+)

Back before Halloween was cancelled, I planned on throwing these guys together to have on hand for our party.  I’d say both my kids enjoy making ‘treats’ so they were easy to wrangle.  There are 3 ingredients so prepping took a matter of seconds.

Eleanor started to cut the butter (I finished).

Both kids helped pour in the marshmallows.  Sampling was involved.

(Oliver has more of an all or nothing approach to his cooking… hucked the whole measuring cup in.)

Martha supervised.  She’s discovered Cheerios.

While I was melting these two ingredients together, I let Eleanor and Oliver sit in front of the stove and watch what happened.  I think “melt” might have been a new term for them both.

Before adding the Rice Krispies, we experimented with what colors would mix to make orange.  Using small glass ramekins, I used the primary colors (red, blue, yellow) and asked Eleanor what two colors she thought might mix to make orange.  Took a few different tries.

Blue and yellow… nope. Not orange.

Once the melted marshmallows were all orangey delicious, we poured in the Rice Krispies.  I stirred.

The mix was too sticky to handle at first, but once it had cooled down, I could shape it into balls easily.  Eleanor helped.  Oliver ate.

I may have put the kids to sleep an hour or so early so I added the finishing touches on my own.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll let Eleanor color a pumpkin patch on which to display all of her pumpkins.  Oliver will be at school (providing this snow settles down) so the fighting arena will be closed for the morning hopefully.

Tomorrow will be a better day…



p.s. I used the recipe on the Rice Krispies box: 3 tbsp butter melted together with an entire bag of mini marshmallows.  Add 6 cups Rice Krispies and get your RKT on.


3 thoughts on “Snap-Crackle-Pumpkin

  1. ok since I am so not crafty…and you always put me to shame, I am happy to finally admit that I’ve actually attempted these a few weeks ago. (after no joke paying $12 for imported Rice Crispies at the American food store in Amsterdam). One thing I did differently was use a green gumdrop as the stem which was a total cop out to your paper idea but an easy step. I also like the ladies use of the tootsie roll which is more tasty than a mint gumdrop! Keep the posts coming! They are inspiring. xoxo

    • First, you’re TOTALLY crafty! We still have the painted glasses you gave my parents a million years ago. Second, what you’re saying is I need to have gumdrops on hand from now on. Great call. xo

  2. Love this, though, sadly, cannot copy it as we have NO Rice Krispies here. I could always try to bribe one of my State Department friends to smuggle some to me from their commissary but then I would also have to ask for marshmallows….and then I would never be able to ask for peanut butter as well, which, is, to me, life’s staple food. Sorry you are having one of those days. If it makes you feel any better, it is 6PM here and Gio is still in his pjs, I have not showered in 3 days and I just fed him oatmeal for dinner.

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