It’s All About the Bus

Today Oliver played hookie.  He had a quiz in his lego class and just wasn’t prepared.  There was also a delayed opening which gives him exactly 2 hours at school.  Two hours ain’t worth disrupting Martha’s nap, if you know what I mean.  So… we went on our own field trip.

The Bridgeport Discovery Museum is one of our go to joints.  It’s awesome.  And… wait for it, it’s EMPTY.  Like place to ourselves empty.  The reality of most science museums is that they’re, how can I say it… well, they’re scientific.  Wordy.  Not necessarily apropos for a dress-up obsessed preschooler and a quasi-verbal toddler.

But the Discovery Museum has a bus.  A big ol’ school bus. It’s actually their permanent space exhibit and this is meant to be a lunar transport vehicle or something.  A bus is a bus, people.

Oliver’s the one who chants for this, but he was photo uncooperative.

Today we started with the newest exhibit which was a-mazing- Color Play: the Art and Science of Color.  (Sorry for the terrible photo quality… I couldn’t lug the big camera so was working with my iPhone.)

Part of the exhibit is little explorations for the kids: a light table with transparent color shapes, spinning wheels of color pattern, neon lights.  In my experience, anything with buttons, lights or wheels are a hit with kids.

The other portion of the color exhibit was a house with 3 rooms all lit to demonstrate various properties of light: black light, rainbows, one with a yellow light that appeared to make everything brown and bla until you turned on the white lights revealing the actual colors of everything in the room.  Eleanor liked the dress ups, I thought the light effect was nuts.

Oliver pretty much ran through the streamers in each doorway the whole time.  This is where having and empty museum is really nice!

At this point, we’re 10 minutes into our visit… don’t let all the different ‘stops’ throw you.   The Discovery Museum also has an elevator.  Don’t tell management that along with the bus, this is the big draw for the Smith children. (Water fountain and coat closet are a tie for third.)

At some point in our visit, Eleanor remembered the ‘climbing room.’  Or jumping room.  Or playroom.  Something like that.  (It’s a dedicated space for children 3 years and under with mats and various soft sided shapes on which to jump, climb, you name it.)

Martha is officially crawling which means all Martha wants to do is officially crawl.  Thank goodness for the Discovery Center.  We could have stayed in the toddler room through the weekend, but lunch was calling.

Today was a great day.  A focus on structure, familiar routine, a little more dedicated ‘kid time’ and we were a different team.  Happy, relatively amiable, and no WWE. I.e. no blood.  Sometimes it’s the small victories.  (Like only getting my thumb in one shot, apparently…)




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